5 Reasons Every Fashion eCommerce Brand Needs Photos on a White Background

Sunglasses on White Background - Product Photography.jpg

The strongest pushback I get from Fashion Brands when discussing eCommerce Best Practices and Strategy is about them wanting to be “different.” 

One form of this being "different" discussion revolves around shooting product images on colorful backgrounds instead of a pure white background.

“White is so boring!” they say. “We need to be different from everyone else!” they say.

No. Remember the goal. 

The goal is to make it easy for the customer to buy your fantastic product, whether it is a sharp jacket, a stylish bag, or eye-catching jewelry.

Customers rely heavily on your product images to make purchasing decisions.

Since they cannot touch, see, or interact with the product as they would in-person, you need clean, professional product images on a pure white background to make their purchasing decision easier.

Here are 5 reasons eCommerce Fashion Brands need to shoot images on a white background:


1. Color Accuracy: A white background helps your customer have an accurate understanding of the color of the product. Color accuracy is key! 

Anything that interferes with the buyer's ability to gauge the true color of your fashion product is problematic. 

If they can't properly gauge the color, they won't buy. This lowers your conversion rate. 

And for those that do buy, you may see increased returns.


2. Press and Blogger Promotion: If you plan on getting press or working with influential bloggers, many times, they will request professional product photos on a white background to feature or promote the item. 

If you don't have them, you may delay or lose opportunities to build brand awareness and drive traffic from these channels.


3. Amazon Expansion: If you plan on expanding your Fashion Brand on to Amazon, they will require products images on a white background.  

55% of all product searches begin on Amazon. Do you want to delay an opportunity to sell on the platform because you don't have product-on-white images?


4. Less Distracting: Products shot on white allow the customer to focus on what matters the most, your product!

Don't distract them with clashing colors or a background that causes the product to disappear.


5. More Professional: Clean, minimalist images on a white background make your products stand out and make your products (and brand) appear trustworthy.

Trust equals higher conversion rates and increased sales.

This does not mean you can never use lifestyle images or images with different color backgrounds. You can and you absolutely should! 

However, these other image types should be used on the homepage, as category page headers, for social media, or as secondary/tertiary images on the product detail page. 

Remember, your product should stand out, not the background.