Since opening its doors in 2003, Dashing Diva has reinvented the nail salon experience, giving customers quick service nail treatments in a fun, beautiful, relaxing, and sanitary environment.

Additionally, this internationally acclaimed nail beauty brand designs, manufactures, and distributes cutting edge nail products to large retailers.

However, they had a major challenge.  The consumer market was demanding fresh, new, and innovative nail styles, but their B-to-B partner stores had limited shelf space and infrequent purchasing schedules. These challenges were hindering the growth and expansion of the brand. 

The Dashing Diva team knew that to increase their sales they needed to take their products online, direct to the consumer.  They wanted a new eCommerce site, an Amazon presence, project management, and a B-to-C strategy to help the brand achieve its goals. 


Flash + Color worked with the Dashing Diva team to develop the best approach for success as they entered the B-to-C market.  

This included:

  • Development of Buyer Personas - target market profiles of the customers most likely to buy the products and share it with friends.
  • Conducted competitive analysis to outmaneuver competition.
  • Established brand voice, pricing, and design approach based on ideal customer and perceived product value.
  • Advised on platform selection, eCommerce app selection and distribution channels for growth.
  • Ungated brand for the highly-coveted Beauty and Health and Personal Care Categories on Amazon.
  • Developed comprehensive, custom eCommerce Roadmap, Marketing Plan, and Marketing Calendar for year-round sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Conducted vendor auditing, vetting, selection, and negotiations. 
  • Managed and oversaw entire project from idea to launch, managing 6 teams, including Web Design agency, Digital Marketing agency and copywriters.
  • Recruited eCommerce staff and trained team for post-launch management.


  • Launched an attractive, optimized, highly functional Shopify website with cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  • Increased brand awareness from target customers and influencers due to compelling branding and packaging.
  • High Average order value sales within the 1st hour of launch without advertising.
  • 30% day-over-day growth in global traffic. 
  • 400% month-over-month growth in online sales.
  • Gained ability to take advantage of profitable retail margins due to direct-to-consumer sales. 
  • Increase in B-to-B leads and distribution due to well-received site.

"Flash + Color provides a complete solution. Jacklyn not only understood the art of ecommerce but she offered expertise from a branding perspective that was really valuable."

I found working with Jacklyn to be extremely helpful. I knew nothing about eCommerce, as it is so different than the retail world we are so used to.

Jacklyn was really an architect. She started us off on a basic level, helping us to understand what the opportunities were in eCommerce and how to approach it.

She formulated a roadmap for us to follow. She helped us develop everything. Everything from the consultants and agencies that we need, to how to position the product in terms of retail price and competition. She knows what she is doing. I just felt comfortable leaving the project with her.  

The fact that people are finding us and buying the product is amazing. 

Flash + Color provides a complete solution. I didn't have to look for a company that understands visual arts or a company that understands SEO, etc.  Jacklyn was an all-in-one solution. She not only understood the art of eCommerce, but she offered expertise from a branding perspective that was really valuable.  

Jacklyn has a broad range of experiences. Having worked with big companies, small companies, and niche companies, she was able to bring all of that experience to us.

I would absolutely recommend her services."
- Margaret Pak, VP of Marketing


Dashing Diva Testimonial | Flash + Color