Do you scramble at the last minute to send out promotions for your eCommerce store?

Do you have unsteady sales growth with major peaks and dips in revenue?

Do you struggle to find something relevant to say, to engage your customers?

Have you missed selling opportunities because of missed deadlines and forgotten holidays?

This is costing you.  

Without a plan, you are missing opportunities to promote and sell your products. 


The Fix: The Flash + Color eCommerce Marketing Calendar.

This is a comprehensive, customized year-long ecommerce Marketing calendar that helps you plan promotions, emails, blog posts, social media posts, and shipping & logistics deadlines.

You will never be at a loss for what promotions run, when to run them, or how to connect with your customer.

Stop flying by the seat of your pants.

Planning marketing that resonates with your target market, in advance, exponentially grows your business.


Building a comprehensive marketing calendar, for your business, provides you with several benefits:

  • Keep sales steady and growing - more peaks, less valleys.

  • Provides additional opportunities to engage with customers through relevant emails, blog posts, social media posts, and promotions.

  • Better sales forecasting, because you have planned upcoming promotions and selling opportunities.

  • Better purchasing and inventory management - purchasing the right quantity of items for sale, while minimizing out-of-stock scenarios.

  • Ability to shift promotions in the event of anything going wrong - supply shipment delays, damaged incoming stock, stockouts...etc.

  • Ability to automate much of your marketing - content, design, and scheduling of promotions or blog posts can be done in advance.

  • Ability to ensure customers get your product on time for special events and holidays - solidifying customer loyalty, driving word-of-mouth, and increasing sales.


This custom calendar includes dates for:

  • Major holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's day... Etc.)

  • Obscure holidays (International Boss's Day, International Picnic Day, National Underwear Day... Etc.)

  • Industry-specific events  (New York Fashion Week, Coachella, The Met Gala... Etc.)

  • Company-specific events (Trunk Shows, Pop-up Shops, Trade Shows, Product Launches...Etc.)

  • Editorial Magazine events (Spring Makeup Trends in March issue, Gifts Guide in December issue, Travel in Style for June issue...Etc.)

  • Shopping holidays (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, Prime day... Etc.)

  • Postal and logistics cut-off dates to ensure timely customer receipt of products for Major holidays.

By aligning your calendar with the editorial calendars of the major fashion publications read by your customers, your will always be relevant and on trend.

By aligning your calendar with the major holidays, obscure holidays, and industry specific events, you will ensure that you always have something to say to your customers to keep them engaged, loyal, and purchasing.

The calendar includes reminders so that your team can start working on content, emails, and posts in advance.

Your company will be able to launch communications on the proper date and have the ability to have accurate revenue forecasting and increased sales.

It also will allow you to thoughtfully merchandise products based on relevant holidays, maximizing your ability to sell and minimizing the potential of dead or discounted stock. 


How it works:

We start with the two-hour kickoff meeting to understand and discuss:

  • Your business and the voice of the brand

  • Your target market/buyer persona

  • Your current sales and marketing schedules

  • Your company's goals

  • Events that you will attend or have to connect with your customers (Pop-ups, trunk shows, webinars, product launches, product drop dates... Etc.)

  • Your company's bandwidth to produce content, emails, and communications

  •  Your companies logistical capabilities and limitations

  • Logistical and promotional cutoff dates for on time customer receipt

  • Budget for marketing communications

Then a comprehensive plan will be made for you. 

We will then have a two-hour follow-up to go over the plan.

You will receive a write-up that includes dates and instructions on how to move forward with your promotions.

Additionally, the calendar will be delivered with a Trello board populated with the agreed-upon promotion dates.  This will allow you to assign tasks, communicate with your team, and easily shift dates as needed.

Finally, there will be two one-hour follow-ups at three and six-month intervals, to check the progress of your campaigns.

This can be done in-person (NYC) or via remote conference.

If you want a clear, comprehensive, actionable marketing calendar to increase your online sales and engagement, give us a call at (646) 741-2582 or reach out via the contact form.