Expand your business by selling your products online, direct-to-consumer, both through your own website and the best online marketplaces. 

Are you looking for a way to get your items in the hands of buyers?

Do you want to become a well know brand with loyal customers and a cult following?

Are you stressed out by all the moving parts of migrating your brand online?

Do you want to sell your products on large sites like Amazon, but don’t know where to begin?

Moving a brand online is no easy feat.

As a brand owner, you are used to selling to other businesses.

Between web designers, developers, copywriters, and photographers, it is overwhelming. And we didn’t even mention the need for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Blogging, Email Marketing… it sounds like a nightmare. 


You know that you are missing the opportunity to connect directly with your end customers.

You know that you are missing the opportunity to connect with new customers globally.

Most importantly, you know that you are leaving serious amounts of money on the table by not being well established online, leaving you unable to take advantage of making retail margins. 

The Fix: The Flash + Color eCommerce Roadmap

This is a comprehensive, actionable, customized plan to help you establish and expand your business online.

 This is the plan that an in-house VP of eCommerce would create for you.

We First:

  • Learn about your current business challenges.

  • Gain an understanding of current customer and your ideal target customer.

  • Form a project budget 

  • Establish your goals and timelines (Revenue, Units Sold, Lifestyle Goals..., etc.)


We then conduct research and analysis using:

  • Market research reports

  • Industry trends

  • Customer buying patterns  

  • Internal and external analytics

  • Competitor data

  • Keyword volume data

  • Social Metrics

  • Trade Publications 


Then we give you an in-depth, solid action plan which includes:  

  • The most suitable Online Platforms and Marketplaces to sell your products.

  • A list of the best eCommerce templates for your product

  • The right apps and add-ons for the site to track and capture customers

  • Your Custom Online Marketing Mix for best results (SEO, PPC, Email, Social, Blogging...Etc.) so that you don’t waste time on platforms and activities that are not right for your business.

  • List of team members you need to execute the plan (Web Designers, Graphic Designer, Copywriters, SEO agency, Influencer Marketing Agency...Etc.).

  • A list of the best Digital and eCommerce Resources for online expansion

  • A calendar of Marketing Holidays for year round sales and customer engagement

  • A calendar for execution.

  • Advice on how to analyze the results, so you know you are headed in the right direction.

  • Job description for an in-house eCommerce Professional who will run the day to day projects

  • Interviewer tips on how to choose the right eCommerce Professional for your company

We will then have a two-hour meeting to go over the plan.

Finally, there will be two one-hour follow-ups at three and six-month intervals, to check your progress.

This can be done in-person (NYC) or via remote conference.

If you want a clear, comprehensive, actionable plan to expand your business online, give us a call at (646) 741-2582 or reach out via the contact form.