Get Clarity and Feedback on How to Move Your Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Brand Forward with An e-commerce strategy Session

Are you are overwhelmed and confused about eCommerce?  

Are you are stressed out about how to move your brand online?

Do you have pressing eCommerce questions that you need answered?

Are you stuck?

The Fix: The Flash + Color eCommerce Strategy Session.

This offering will give your the clarity, honest feedback, and resources you need solve your eCommerce problems and expand your business online.

If you are asking any the following questions, this is the perfect place to start:

What eCommerce platform should I use?

What are a some ways to increase my site conversions?

How do I begin with influencer marketing?

How do I find the right Designers, Copywriters, SEO Agencies...Etc for my eCommerce site?

How do I start selling on Amazon?

What marketing channels should I use to promote my business?

... and any additional e-commerce related questions you may have.


With this offering you will receive an in-depth Kickoff Questionnaire Document and an in-person or remote strategy session.  

Filling out this document in advance not only helps you clarify your business and positioning in the market, but it also ensures that you will get the most from the session.  


In this in-person or remote conference session we will:

  • Help you get guidance/clarity around your business,

  • Answer any business questions that you have,

  • Give you honest, actionable advice to help you move forward, toward your goals. 

After the session you will receive a session review with a breakdown of:

  • Accomplishments/Discoveries from the session, 

  • Recommendations/Next Steps, and 

  • Resources to solve your business problems. 

You will also get a a 1-month follow-up to see how your business is doing since our last session.

eCommerce Strategy Sessions can be done in-person (NYC) or via remote conference.

If you want a clear, actionable answers and solutions to your pressing eCommerce questions, call us at (646) 741-2582.