Shopify is an eCommerce platform that is easy to use and setup. It is perfect for small to mid-size businesses. They have free or inexpensive themes for sale as well. I have put the site, some examples of stores currently using it, and the theme store below. There is a 14-day free trial and then the monthly fee ranges from $29/month to $179/month.  I use the $29 per month level, and I am doing just fine. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.40.48 AM.png

*Don't sign up until you have planned out the site completely, chosen the theme you will use, and have a site migration plan!*

Themes are only a one time fee for purchase. They range from Free to $180. Buy a premium theme. Anything $120 and up should meet your needs. Let me know if you need help choosing a theme or tips on picking a Shopify partner to customize it.  View the demos to see how everything works.



They have US-based pre-screened writers that write blogs posts, white papers, product descriptions and a ton of other forms of content. You can also call the writer through this service to clarify details.

These writers are not expensive, and you will know the cost up front. The cost is based on the writer's star rating and number of words written.



Karon is well known in the industry for doing optimized Amazon Product Listings. Only do this when you are prepared to manufacture and move a lot of product.

You can either buy her book Amazon Advantage to learn how to write the optimized listing or have her write it for $239. That price is per listing. However, it is well worth the investment. She currently has a 3-week backlog.


This shipping platform will change your life. That is all you need to know. Get on it now.



Use LivePlan to make your business plan. It's awesome and you can give people access to see it or help work on it without having to print and send it. It also makes it really easy to do financial projections.